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Where to Buy the iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle & iPod Classic 2017

At the end of July, Apple quietly discontinued two symbolic models from its iPod line: the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. If you’re disappointed by this recent announcement, here’s how you can still purchase an iPod Shuffle or Nano in the UK.

The light and easily portable Shuffle was very popular among runners, as its convenient clip-on option enabled it to hold onto clothes. The iPod Nano provided a cheaper alternative to the more expensive iPod Touch and offered access to photos, videos, and more than 30 hours of playback music.

At time of writing, Amazon still offers various options to buy either of these models. There is stock of the iPod Shuffle, letting you choose from different generations and colours.

Expect to pay around £55 for the latest, which a significant increase from the original £39. Prices will likely keep on going up.

Amazon also carries several versions of iPod Nano, but it is quickly running out of stock. You can still find the 7th generation iPod Nano from £100 if used (expect to pay as much as £160 for a new one). The Space Grey model seems to be easier to buy than the colourful versions.

For £49, you can purchase an iPod Shuffle from John Lewis. The store only carries one colour (Space Grey) and has very little stock available. It also offers options to buy the iPod Nano from £139, but are currently out of stock. You can sign up to learn when they will next be available for purchase.

Websites such as eBay and GumTree probably represent your best chance to get either of these products at a reasonable price. There are many new and used iPod Shuffle and Nano currently being auctioned of the sites, though they are bound to disappear quickly now that the models have been discontinued.

On eBay, you can currently findan iPod Shuffle for as low as £5.50, though most prices are averaging £20. GumTree offers several options to buy them for about £30.

Expect to pay a little bit more for a 7th generation iPod Nano. They start at £41 on eBay, which still has a high stock currently. GumTree has fewer models available at an average price of £80.

Other third-party resellers are still carrying the iPod Shuffle and Nano, such as Currys and Argos. Currys stock is quickly diminishing, and it is currently offering the iPod Shuffle priced at £49, and less than the iPod Nano priced at £140. Fewer colours are available due to the low stocks.

Argos still carries a big line of iPod Shuffle, with many options to choose from for £49. They are also still selling iPod Nanos: the gold model seems to be the easiest to get from £149.

Where to buy the iPod Classic

If you’re nostalgic for even older Apple models, the original iPod, iPod Classic, remains available for sale on several websites. Its 160GB of storage made it a favourite for many Apple customers. You can get it from Amazon, for a starting price of £159.99, though the stock is very low. Ebay offers more and cheaper options, with a starting price of £53 and average of £150.

It’s hard not to wonder whether Apple’s iPods will be around for much longer. The rise of music-streaming services on smartphones, such as Apple’s own Apple Music, has affected the sales. The iPod Touch, only remaining model, has not been updated since July 2015, and will likely soon become a thing of the past.

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