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What is eye symbol in Windows 8 password boxes?

A new feature in Internet Explorer and Windows 8.1 allows you to see password characters as you type them in. It is a symbol that looks like an eye. Here’s what it is and how to use it. (For more see How to remove Microsoft account from Windows 8 PC, laptop or tablet.)

QUESTION When I’m using my web browser and start to type the password for an email account, for example, a symbol appears at the end of the password field that I can only describe as an eye. If I click on it, the password’s characters can be seen. Is this some sort of malicious spyware? I’ve carried out a full virus scan, which says that my computer is clean and that it’s protected. What do you think is going on?

HELPROOM ANSWER You may or may not have someone spying on your passwords, but the effect you describe is certainly no evidence of that. It is in fact a new feature in Internet Explorer 10 that lets you check what you’ve typed by clicking on the eye before you submit the password. You’ll also find the feature in use throughout Windows 8 or later. It should pose no security threat, as long as you don’t leave your password typed in without submitting it and walk away from your PC.

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