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Tasks for Each Stage of A Ripple in Time

Celebi was released at Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, but only for those lucky enough to get a ticket. The good news is that everyone will be able to catch Celebi now, as long as you can complete the new tasks which have appeared under the Special Research section in Pokémon GO.

If you haven’t yet completed the tasks to complete A Mythical Discovery to catch Mew, don’t worry. As long as you have done the third group of tasks (stage 3 out of 8), the Celebi Special Research will be unlocked. You can then progress through both quests at your own pace.

We had previously thought that Celebi would be the Ultra reward for completing research tasks worldwide during the Safari Zone event in Japan from 29 August – 2 September. So this means the reward will be something different!

When the assets for Celebi were added into the game, so were silver Pinap berries. We now know the two are linked, thanks to network analyser Chrales since one of the rewards for completing research is Silver pinap berries.

And according to Chrales, the berries are effectively Razzberry and Pinap combined. The description is “Feed this to a Pokémon to receive more Candy when you catch it and make it easier to catch”. It’s said to give you double candy and a 1.8x better chance of capturing the Pokémon.

A Ripple in Time: tasks and rewards

Here are the tasks you need to complete in each of the stages. We don’t yet know the full list as some tasks take multiple days to complete, so no-one has yet seen what stage 5 has to offer:

Stage 1/8


  • Power up a Pokémon 5 times
  • Battle in a gym 2 times
  • Battle in a raid

Rewards: 10x Poké Balls, 1x Charge Technical Machine, 3x Super Incubator

Stage 2/8

 How to catch Celebi in Pokemon GO

  • Make 3 new friends (auto-completes if Trainer is under 13 and uses a Pokémon Trainer Club login)
  • Evolve and evolved Grass-type Pokémon (Ivysaur, Bayleef, Weepinbell, Lombre, Skiploom, Gloom, Nufleaf or Grovyle)
  • Catch a Pokémon 3 days in a row

Rewards: 1500 Stardust, 1x Sun Stone, 1x Premium raid pass

Stage 3/8 

How to catch Celebi in Pokemon GO

  • Reach Level 25 (will auto-complete if you’re already past this level)
  • Use Sun Stone to evolve Gloom or Sunkern
  • Hatch 9 eggs

Rewards: Pokémon appears, 1x King’s Rock, 1x Premium raid pass

Stage 4/8

 How to catch Celebi in Pokemon GO

  • Walk 10km with Eevee
  • Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day (when the game is showing the daytime map)
  • Send 20 gifts to friends (auto-completes for Trainers under 13)

Rewards: Pokémon appear, 2500 Stardust, 1x Metal Coat

Stage 5/8

How to catch Celebi in Pokemon GO

  • Walk 10km with Eevee
  • Evolve Eevee into Umbreon (when game shows night-time map)
  • Trade a Pokémon (auto-completes for Trainers under 13)

Rewards: 1x Star Piece, 15 Pinap Berries, 1x Upgrade

Stage 6/8

How to catch Celebi in Pokemon GO

  • Use items to evolve Pokémon x times
  • Spin Poké Stops x days in a row (could be 7 days)
  • Use x Pinap berries to help catch Pokémon

Rewards: 3500 Stardust, 1x Dragon Scale, 5x Silver Pinap berries

NOTE: From this point, tasks are based on information from Chrales and may not be correct. They will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.

Stage 7/8

Each task will reward you with 3500XP.

  • Earn a Gold Johto medal
  • Catch x Grass- or Psychic-type Pokémon
  • TBC

Rewards: Pokémon appears (Celebi), others TBC.

Stage 8/8

  • Catch Celebi (4000XP reward)

Rewards: TBC (likely to include 20x Celebi candy).

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