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Send Audible Audio Book Subscription

A subscription to Audible, Amazon’s dedicated audiobook platform, allows you to choose one free audiobook a month. You can also purchase as many additional audiobooks as you want, often at a discount, picking from a selection of over 200,000. Why not let your friends enjoy such a great access to audiobooks? Here’s how to send Audible as a gift.

Send an Audible Gift Membership

The easiest way to send an Audible book to a friend is to simply to buy them a Gift Membership. There are a few plans to choose from depending on how long you want to offer access to the service:

# of Months Price
1 £7.99
3 £23.99
6 £47.99
12 £69.99

You can view all of these gift options on the Audible website here.

The recipient receives one credit per month which he or she can put towards a book. Once the gift membership is redeemed, the recipient can also enjoy exclusive discounts up to 80% off select audiobooks and all the other benefits of a regular, paying member.

The recipient will also be able to keep any of the books he or she purchases while on the gift membership.

If you’d like to get Audible for yourself, read our guide to getting Audible for free or sign up to the 30-day free trial here.

Send an Audible book as a gift

Audible used to offer the possibility to send books to your friends, using the ‘Give as Gift’ button. The option seems to have disappeared from the web, as Audible has said to be working on offering you ‘a better gift giving alternative’. At time of writing, it is still possible to send your friends a book by using the Audible App (for iOS here) using the Send this Book feature.

To do so using an Apple device, simply open the app and go to ‘My Library’. There, choose an available book (previously purchased or acquired with credits) and click on the three dots to make the options appear. Select the last one, ‘Send this Book’, and pick the platform you want to send it from (Email, Message, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp).

Your friend will receive a link to the book which will appear as a regular message. They will then be asked to log in to Amazon and then to Audible. An Audible subscription is required to have access to the book. Note that every recipient’s first book is free and you can only send the book to the same friend once.

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