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Samsung Foundry To Manufacture Snapdragon 875 for Qualcomm: Report

Qualcomm is expected to launch its next 800 series flagship, allegedly the Snapdragon 875, in December at its annual Snapdragon summit and according to reports from South Korea, Samsung Semiconductor company has bagged the contract for the entire batch.

According to the report, Samsung offered a better deal than TSMC and the deal will cost Qualcomm somewhere between $850 million to $1Billion

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Is Samsung’s 5nm Process ready for 2021?

Last year, Samsung had a more advanced 7nm EUV process (7LPP) yet Qualcomm sided with TSMCs 7nm (N7P) process technology for its flagship Snapdragon 865 (probably due to more confidence in later’s ability to deliver the required volume). The mid-range Snapdragon 765G was however relegated to Samsung.

This was certainly a big blow to Samsung’s foundry business since trade pundits have long expected the 2021 contract to go to TSMC due to their lead and superiority when it comes to the 5nm process.

In fact, TSMC already has the contract to manufacture Apple A14 chips for iPhone 12 series on its 5nm process node.

Samsung also has caught up and is reportedly manufacturing NVIDIA’s 5nm based Ampere chips. It remains to be seen if the South Korean giant’s 5nm process is ready for prime time.

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When will we see phones with Snapdragon 875?

The upcoming Snapdragon 875 will naturally be a part of most Android flagships and this year it’s expected to include an integrated modem. We expect Xiaomi and Samsung to be the first Android OEMs to launch Snapdragon 875 phones and this could happen as early as in March 2021

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