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PUBG Mobile India will let you resume with the old IDs and achievements

Yet another good news for PUBG fans as the anticipated PUBG Mobile India will reportedly allow you to play with the same IDs, skin, and in-game purchases from the Global version. So, you don’t have to bother with a new account or starting from scratch.

The game is set to return to India under a slightly new avatar. This involves the player starting the game all decked up, hits showing green graphics instead of red bleeding, and time restrictions to encourage healthy gaming habits among the players.

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Now, letting people continue with their pre-ban progress will lure them to jump straight in. The report, however, claims the banned accounts won’t be restored. That is players with banned IDs will have to begin from a clean slate. They will have to create a new PUBG Mobile India account.

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Thus far, officially, we have got a teaser from the game’s developers. Further, we have learned about the PUBG Microsoft deal to host the game on Azure cloud servers, possibly in India. The company has also revealed its plans to invest $100 million dollars in the country to promote the local gaming ecosystem and India-exclusive eSports events. All that said, the game is yet to get a green signal from the government. Still, hopes are high of an imminent launch. We’ll see.

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