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PUBG Mobile India will be lighter and support modular downloads

PUBG Mobile India has become the talk of the town ever since the game developers announced the return last week. We know about the new changes in the game including clothing of the characters, green-wound graphics, and time limits for healthy gameplay. Then, we came across reports of pre-registration for the new version, as well as how the Indian edition will allow migrating user data from the banned global variant. The latest scoop is that the game will be smaller in size too.

Here are the details —

PUBG Mobile India: Lite and Modular

Forget PUBG Mobile Lite, as this new version will be shedding weight off the original game. Reports claim the PUBG Mobile India will be around 610MB in size on Android phones. It will feature the base package consisting of Classic mode, the Erangel map, and only the basic game elements.

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Other maps and modes will be available as DLC. So, you can download them as you please. For instance, if you want to try the discrete graphics (~332MB) and special effects (~592MB) packs, you can separately download them for a superior experience.

The modularity aspect extends to the ability to uninstall unwanted parts and aspects of the game to save space. Not just that, the update patches will be smaller too. This will be a boon for mobile data users.

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As mentioned above, this is expected to be an Android-exclusive perk. So, if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you may have to get the full fat game (sized around 1.63 gigs).

It is very likely that PUBG Mobile India will gain the light and modular download feature of the original. Unless an Indian edition of the PUBG Mobile Lite is also in plans. Although, there hasn’t been a hint of the same till now.

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