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OPPO Find X3 phones will have true 10-bit colors system-wide

Oppo has revealed that its upcoming Find X3 series will support true 10-bit colors and DCI-P3 colors while capturing images and videos and while displaying them on the screen. Oppo calls this “full path color management system” which is a first for Android and quite similar to what Apple implements on its iPhones.

Color management has been a persistent problem on the Android side of things and it’s great that manufacturers are finally paying due attention.

What is Oppo’s Full Path Color Management System?

Oppo’s full path color management system brings forward true 10-bit color support. Camera can capture 10-bit color depth for both images and videos (as against 8-bit depth that Android natively supports for images) and this should theoretically result in smoother gradations and relatively more realistic images. Although, many people argue that the difference between 8-bit and 10-bit for images is barely noticeable.

As for videos, the camera also has hardware-level digital overlap (DOL) HDR that Oppo says helps with wider dynamic range, avoid ghosting, and lowering the signal to noise ratio in images.

The 10-bit image data is encoded in HEIF format. Since Android natively supports only 8-bit colors, OPPO says it had to make changes to the encoding-decoding frameworks and storage formats.

And users can then view these images on the 10-bit display that Oppo has developed to accurately map the wider DCI-P3 gamut.

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Display: Balance between sRGB and DCI-P3

sRGB (photography, SDR content) and DCI-P3 (most HDR content) are the most popular color gamuts used for content these days. While we do see phones targeting DCI-P3, they can’t always faithfully reproduce sRGB content (which is most of the content) due to lack of proper color management.

Oppo once again follows a similar approach as Apple. The screen adapts to DCI-P3 colors but ensures smooth interoperability between DCI-P3 and sRGB. OPPO has chosen sRGB white point (D65) and the gamma target is also likely to be 2.2 used for sRGB.

Oppo claims a JNDC or Just Noticeable Color Difference of 0.4 which is also what was advertised for Find X2 phones.

Color Correction Solution 2.0

Oppo also talked about Color Correction Solution 2.0 to develop which the company teamed with Zhejiang University and tested 6,000 samples from its employees. The results determine that every one of 12 men and 1 in 200 women suffer from color detect. The Color Correction Solution 2.0 will build on top of Android Accessibility settings and offer more than 765 profiles to suit different user needs.

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