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How to watch Call of Duty WW2 announcement live stream

In a change to recent Call of Duty titles in the series, the upcoming Call of Duty WW2 takes the franchise back to its roots following Infinite Warfare, the Sci-fi FPS game that Activision claims didn’t resonate with gamers.

So, what can we expect from Call of Duty WW2? Thanks to leaked marketing material, we know that you’ll join battles in iconic locations from throughout World War 2, starting on D-Day in Normandy before battling your way across Europe to destroy the German War Machine.

There’s also a mention of co-operative gameplay separate from both the main campaign and multiplayer, although details are scarce. Check out our rumour hub for the latest Call of Duty WW2 rumours.

We expect to find out more information about the various gameplay modes and available locations during the Call of Duty WW2 announcement live stream, which we go into detail about below.  

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When does the Call of Duty WW2 announcement live stream start?

So, the biggest question right now is ‘when is the Call of Duty WW2 announcement taking place?’. Answer? Sooner than you might think. In fact, Activision is hosting a Call of Duty-themed live stream tonight, 26 April 2017, where it’ll announce details about this year’s game.

The stream is set to kick off at 10am PDT/1PM EDT according to the teaser posted on Twitter, which makes it 6pm BST for those of us in the UK.

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How can I watch the Call of Duty WW2 announcement live?

So, now you’ve got the date in your diary, the next question is ‘Can I watch the announcement live?’. Thankfully, as with many modern game reveals, the announcement will be live streamed around the world via the Call of Duty website.

Head over now and you’ll see a countdown to the live stream, along with options to subscribe to get the latest CoD news via email.  

Interested Call of Duty fans can also watch the action via YouTube, Twitch and even Facebook Live. We’ve embedded the YouTube stream above, so simply head back here at 6pm to find out the latest Call of Duty WW2 news!

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