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How To Stop Amazon Weekend Deliveries

The arrival of a parcel from Amazon is often a happy moment but coming home to discover a ‘we missed you’ slip from a courier is less so. If you’re often away at weekends, or have packages delivered to an office address, then it can be a real pain if Amazon attempts to deliver things on Saturday and Sunday.

Thankfully, this is very easy to sort out. Here’s how.

How do I change delivery settings in my Amazon account?

You might not know it but hidden away in the addresses section of your Amazon account are options that allow you to specify when you’re available to receive parcels. These can be adjusted differently for each individual location, which is perfect if you want things to come to the office during the week, and at home during the weekend. 

To find them you first need to go to the Amazon website and log into your account. Once this is done, click on the Your Account section in the menu bar.

On the next page select the Your Addresses box.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

You may need to confirm your password again, but once this is done you’ll be presented with a list of all the current addresses listed in your account.

Find the one that you want to change, then click on the Edit option just below the address.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

Scroll down until you find the section headed Weekend delivery. Under here it will most likely say either ‘I can receive packages on Saturday and Sunday’ or ‘Do not deliver on weekends’.

Click on whichever message is displayed and you’ll see two tick-boxes appear, one each for Saturday and Sunday.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

Now choose the days when you’ll be able to receive packages, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save changes button.

Try using an Amazon Locker

If you’re not sure you’ll be in all day, then there are alternative places where Amazon can deliver your goods. For items that are small- to medium-sized, you can always see if there’s an Amazon Locker nearby.

These are akin to safety deposit boxes and can store parcels for a couple of days. There’s no need to have an Amazon Prime account to use one, but if you are a member you’ll get free One-Day delivery (or Two-Day delivery in the US).

To receive items that quickly for non-members costs £1.99 in UK or the standard shipping rate in the US. Of course, it’s free if you go for the standard delivery option and order over £10 in books (UK) or £20/$25 in eligible items.

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To set one up go to the Amazon Locker page, click on the ‘Find a Locker near you’ option in the upper right corner and log into your account.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

On the next page click on the drop-down menu next to Search for: and select Amazon Locker from the list.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

Enter your postcode, click Search, then you’ll be presented a list of the nearest available lockers.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

Look for the one that is not only the closest to you, but which also has the most convenient opening hours. Some are on the street, and therefore available at any time, but others can be in shopping centres or even office blocks and universities.

how to stop amazon weekend deliveries

When you find the one that matches your criteria click the Select button next to its details and it will be added to your addresses. Now, whenever you place an order you’ll be able to choose the Locker as your preferred destination.

Amazon will let you know when the item is ready to collect and provide you with a code that will open the Locker. It’s simple, easy, and means you’ll never miss another parcel delivery.

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