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How To Set Up a Router With NordVPN

Setting up NordVPN on a router is reasonably simple and it’s one of the best ways to protect every device on your home network, as you won’t need a VPN on every individual phone, laptop or tablet because they will all connect through your router. Plus, any device which can’t run a VPN app, such as a smart speaker, security camera or thermostat, will benefit from a private, encrypted internet connection.

The first thing to check that your router can support OpenVPN as a “Client” (rather than a Server). The best way to do this is to find the make and model number of your router and search online, or on the manufacturer’s website, to see if it supports OpenVPN. If you have a router supplied by your ISP these typically won’t support OpenVPN, so you may have to buy another router.

Which router should I use with NordVPN?

If you’re searching for a router that makes the NordVPN set-up process as easy as possible, then there are a couple which NordVPN recommends.

FlashRouters has partnered with NordVPN and provides routers that are preconfigured with the VPN details to offer the most privacy and security, without the hassle. They’re nice and easy to set up and use with a minimum of fuss.

If you would rather buy a router and configure it yourself, NordVPN offers some recommendations of the best models. Asus routers have a built-in OpenVPN client and are simple to set up. Here are some models you might consider:

How to configure your router for NordVPN

The exact method of configuring your router to work with NordVPN will differ depending on the manufacturer of the router. In most cases, the steps will be fairly similar, but the user interface of each router will be different so there won’t be an exact ‘catch all’ guide – here are the general steps you’ll need to complete to add NordVPN to your router.

To find the specific instructions for your own router, please check the NordVPN website.

  1. You’ll need to gain access to your router’s administration section. The username and password will come with your router, and you will tend to access your router through your browser by typing in into the address bar.
  2. Once you’re in, you’ll need to find your way to your VPN options. This will usually be under your advanced settings but do remember not every router will have this functionality.
  3. You will then need to add a profile for your VPN client, which will include your NordVPN username and password.
  4. Downloading the OpenVPN client configuration files will be the next step which NordVPN has helpfully set up a link to here. You will then need to install them onto your router by uploading an .ovpn file which you should be prompted to do.
  5. Once this has been done, you’ll need to go into your WAN section and enter NordVPN’s DNS servers which are and 103.8699.100.
  6. Back in the VPN tab, you should then find your brand new VPN entry which you can then activate. There should be an icon to indicate the connection status of the entry here too, to make sure everything is working well.
  7. If you wish to deactivate this connection at any time, you can simply return to this page and select ‘deactivate’.

NordVPN has been at the top of our favourite VPN chart for a long time, you can pick up NordVPN from its website for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month.

If you’re struggling with your router’s signal in your house, make sure you take a look at our recommendations for routers that provide excellent signal strength.

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