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How to remove a Pokémon Go gym or PokéStop

Pokémon Go is the smash hit mobile game of the year but the real-world GPS nature of the app is creating some unwanted attention for some local businesses, locations and venues. If you’ve been surprised by a horde of Pokémon catchers but would rather you didn’t have to deal with it, here’s how to remove your business or venue as a Pokémon Go gym or PokéStop. See also: Pokémon GO review | How to play Pokémon Go.

Created by Niantic, Pokémon Go is a game which requires players to physically walk around the real world to find the animated characters. It uses a map accurate to the world and your phone’s GPS to know where you are.

In Pokémon Go, everything from a plaque on the wall to a train station can be part of the game as a PokéStop (where you gain free items) or a Pokémon gym where you fight and train Pokémon. However, the locations aren’t pre-approved so many gyms are local businesses and places like churches.

It’s perfectly possible, you’re experiencing an overwhelming amount of attention because you’re location is a Pokémon gym or a PokéStop. While some venues are embracing the situation, you might have good reason to want to remove your location as a Pokémon gym. It’s easy and quick to request removal.

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How to remove a location, business or venue as a Pokémon Go gym or PokéStop

1.    Navigate to the Pokémon Go support page – you might need to sign in with a Google account.
2.    Under ‘Gameplay questions’ click on ‘Report an issue with a Gym or PokéStop’
3.    Now select ‘Request removal of a PokéStop or Gym’
4.    Fill out the form with as much detail as possible and hit Submit.

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