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How to get The Sims Mobile in the UK now

A version of The Sims Mobile more alike the desktop PC and Mac game than ever before is coming to Android and iPhone soon. But you don’t need to wait. (You can read full details about The Sims Mobile here.)

Although a global release date is not yet known, there has been a soft launch for Android in Brazil. And if you can get it there, then there’s a way to get it here too.

The best way to download The Sims Mobile in the UK right now is to sideload the APK file. Doing so is simple, but you may decide the risks associated with downloading apps from third-parties rather than the Google Play store mean you’d rather wait for the official launch.

Also remember the phenomenon that was Pokémon Go: we had downloaded and were playing it in the UK several weeks before it became officially available here, but so was the rest of the world. The servers weren’t up to the demand and the game was plagued with crashes. We’re not saying you’ll experience the same thing here, but it is a possibility.

If you do decide to sideload The Sims Mobile to your Android device, as we explain how to do below, you might like to consider installing a free antivirus app on your phone first. And should you accidentally download something dodgy, also see our advice on how to remove malware from Android.

It goes almost without saying that you should back up Android before you begin.

How to sideload The Sims Mobile to Android

1. Enable Unknown sources: By default your Android phone or tablet will not allow you to install apps from outside Google Play, so you need to give it permission to do so. Look for a toggle switch for this option in the Lock screen & security or Privacy section of your Settings app.

2. Download The Sims APK: Open your browser and search for The Sims Mobile APK. Several sites offer the file, so choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with. We downloaded The Sims Mobile from Android will tell you this type of file can harm your device, and ask whether you want to keep it anyway; choose OK.

How to get The Sims Mobile in the UK now

3. Install The Sims: Once the APK file has downloaded, pull down the notification bar at the top of the screen and tap the notification to begin installation. Tap Install, then once the process has completed tap Open.

How to get The Sims Mobile in the UK now

4. Start playing: You’ll need to enter your age, accept the EA Privacy and Cookie Policy and User Agreement, name and customise your avatar, and will then find yourself outside your new house.

How to get The Sims Mobile in the UK now

Keep in mind that once the game officially becomes available in the UK you will need to find it within Google Play and then click Update. Thereafter The Sims will automatically update on your device.

We also recommend disabling the option to allow installations from unknown sources once you have finished installing The Sims Mobile. 

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