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How to get Netflix on Sky Q: Price, Plans & Billing

Getting Netflix on Sky Q is relatively simple and you’ll get full interface integration meaning you can browse Sky and Netflix content together, as well as use Sky search to find things to watch.

When did Netflix launch on Sky Q?

Sky said that Netflix would arrive in November and stuck to that promise as the service is went live on Sky Q as of 1 November 2018.

How much does Netflix cost on Sky Q?

At the time of writing, you’ll need to pay £29 per month (pm) for Sky TV with Netflix included. It’s called Sky TV Ultimate and the offer requires installation costing £20 and an 18-month contract.

To break it down, Sky Signature which is your basic TV package of over 300 channels. It’s normally £30pm but is available for £23pm for the length of the contract. Then ‘Ultimate TV Add on’ for £6pm is your Netflix subscription. 

Sky’s installation fee is normally £199 so you’re saving £179 if you don’t have Sky already.

Can I watch Netflix in Ultra HD on Sky Q?

Sky Ultimate TV or Ultimate TV Add on gets you Netflix Basic. This offers unlimited streams and downloads across the full range of Netflix series, films and shows on one device.

If you want Netflix Standard for HD quality on two devices, you need the Sky HD Pack. It’s £6pm extra.

Upgrading to the Sky UHD pack gets you Netflix Premium meaning you can watch in Ultra HD and on four devices. It’s £10pm extra.

Find out how to get HDR on Sky Q.

What if I have Sky Box Sets?

You can keep your current package but you can’t sign up for a new Netflix account as part of the subscription. You also can’t benefit from the combined billing. However, you can still sign into and use an existing Netflix account on your Sky Q box.

Will I keep my Netflix profile on Sky Q?

Yes. If you already have a Netflix account, logging in will keep your account details including your personal profiles and all the shows you’re watching etc.

Sky says to “Simply follow the link after placing your order and we’ll move it right away, and you won’t be billed twice.”

How do I activate Netflix on Sky Q?

You can activate Netflix on Sky Q via the user interface – simply open Netflix and follow the instructions – or do it online via

Can I watch Netflix on Sky apps?

In a word, no. You’ll just carry on using the Netflix app on devices like your phone and tablet. Sky Go and Sky Q will remain separate.

Can I get Netflix on Sky+?

This is also a no, so you’ll need to upgrade to Sky Q to get Netflix. Read our Sky Q review if you’re not sure about making the jump.

How does billing work with Netflix on Sky?

If you already have a Netflix subscription, then you’ll simply need to log-in on Sky with your existing details and sign-up to at least the Ultimate On Demand package.

Sky will then contact Netflix and do all the paperwork so you’ll start paying for Netflix via your Sky bill.

How to use Netflix on Sky Q

In its simplest form, you can just load the Netflix app within the Sky Q interface and use it like you would on any other device. You can load the app with Sky’s voice search but you can’t use it to voice search within Netflix – this will arrive as an update in 2019.

Integration means that you’ll also see and be able to access Netflix content from around the Sky Q interface. So you’ll see Netflix shows like The Crown alongside Sky content on the Home screen as well as other areas like On Demand (above).

Although you can’t search for Netflix content with your voice, you can use the text search within Sky Q and see results split into Sky and Netflix.

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