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How to fix ‘your connection is not private’ error in Chrome

Fixing the ‘Your connection is not private’ error message in Google Chrome can be a little tricky as the cause can be one of many things. We’re going to take you through the common solutions so you can get back to your browsing as soon as possible.

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The ‘Your connection is not private’ error appears typically because there is an issue with the SSL connection, or your browser is struggling to verify a specific SSL certificate. SSL is a method used to encrypt data as it moves back and forth between your computer and the server you’re connecting to.

Luckily the steps to fix this issue aren’t too hard to complete and we’ll take you through them now so we can resolve this issue. These are solutions that you can do on your computer, but if the problem is with the server you’re trying to connect to then you’ll have to wait until they fix it on their end.

How to fix ‘Your connection is not private’ error in Google Chrome

Check the date & time on your computer

TIme and Date

The first solution is to double check the date & time on your computer. If it is incorrect for any reason then Google Chrome will not be able to verify the SSL certificate, as the date and time between your computer and the server will be different.

Make sure the time & date on your computer is correct and then try to access the website again, hopefully the issue has been resolved.

Check your Antivirus or Firewall

The next solution to try is to take a good look at your anti-virus as these can block SSL certificates or connections. To fix this issue, make your way into your antivirus options and turn off the https scan feature.

If your antivirus software doesn’t have this option, then try temporarily disabling your antivirus and trying the link again. If it works and you don’t get the connection error, then you know the cause of the problem to be your antivirus software.

We’d suggest taking a look at our recommended antivirus solutions here.

Ignore the error and proceed to the website

You can ignore the error and progress directly to the website on an unsecured connection. This is not a solution we would recommend unless you are 100% sure that you trust the website that you’re connecting to.

If you wish Google Chrome to ignore errors of this nature in the future then you can add a link to the target of the .exe file on your desktop.

Find Google Chrome on your desktop, right click it and go to Properties. In the box that says ‘Target’ add a space at the end and enter ‘ignore-certificate-errors-‘ as shown in the screenshot below.


This will stop the error showing up in the future and will directly connect you to websites regardless of their certificate status.

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