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How to fix Surface Pro 7 random shutdown bug

With millions working from home around the world, it would be a terrible time for your PC or laptop to stop working properly. 

However, that’s just what’s been happening to a growing number of Surface Pro 7 users. On the official Microsoft forums, people have been complaining about their device shutting down randomly. This can range from a minor inconvenience when browsing, to a major headache if you haven’t been able to save your work. 

The flexibility of Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1 would normally make it a perfect work from home device. Microsoft is working on an official patch for the issue, but in the meantime a potential fix has been found. 

How to fix the Surface Pro 7 random shutdown bug

As has been reported by Windows Latest, following these steps should fix the issue for most people:

  1. Make sure the Surface Pro 7 is on (even if only temporarily) and head to the Microsoft Store
  2. Search for ‘Intel Graphics Command Center’
  3. Download the Command Center app from the store and open it once installed
  4. Head to Settings – System – Power where you should find a heading called ‘Panel Self Refresh’
  5. Make sure the options for ‘On Battery’ and ‘Plugged In’ are both set to off
  6. Restart your device (manually) to ensure any changes are applied

If the problem persists, we’d recommend trying more solutions suggested in the Microsoft Forums. 

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