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How to fix a computer remotely on Windows 10

Most PCs and laptops run absolutely fine most of the time, which makes it incredibly frustrating when things go wrong. 

You might have spent hours scouring the web for solutions, but none of these potential solutions might be working for your specific problem. 

The next step might be to turn to a friend or family member with tech know-how, but what if they aren’t around? Fortunately, there’s a feature built-in to Windows 10 that might be able to help. 

Here’s how to use to potentially solve your problem remotely if you’re both using Windows 10 devices. 

How to help someone with Quick Assist

You might not have heard of Quick Assist, but it’s an app that’s been built-in to Windows 10 since the operating system launched. 

To start helping someone, first you’ll need to locate the program, either by searching directly or heading to the Start menu. 

In the box that appears, choose ‘Give Assistance’. In order to ensure it’s actually you, you’ll need to sign-in with your Microsoft account, and then a six-digit security code should appear. You’ll need to send this to the person you’re helping in order

How to give access on Quick Assist

The person needing help will now also need to open the Quick Assist app, and then select ‘Get Assistance’. All they’ll then need to do is enter that code to give permission for you to control their device remotely. 

Their screen will now appear within a window on your devices. From here you can also add annotations, change the screen size and access the task manager, while you can terminate your access at any time. 

The person you’re helping will still be able to see everything you’re doing, but it’s likely you’ll be on a call with them at the same time anyway so that won’t be an issue. 

You can access the vast majority of options using Quick Assist, including a ‘remote reboot’ option, meaning you can try the ‘turn it off and on again’ step without being in the room. This should return the host computer to the same stage within the app, but it has been known to go awry. Of course, if anything happens you can just go through the steps listed above again to return to your troubleshooting. 

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