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How to find free Android apps

If you’re looking for apps for your Android phone or tablet but don’t want to spend any money, then there are a few different ways to track down free ones, including paid-for apps which are being offered for free for a limited time. We show you the easy way to get great apps for nothing at all.

This website gathers together the latest paid-for apps to be offered for free on the Google Play Store. At the time of writing we found a number of add-on packs to existing games and icon packs for launchers, as well as full apps.

We didn’t see many AAA titles, but there were still some fun distractions to wile away the hours on a boring commute.

Alongside the free stuff, AppSales also lists apps that are currently featured in sales, including more impressive titles such as The Escapists: Prison Escape, Worms 4, and MailDroid Pro, as well as charts for the best sellers.

AppSales also has a dedicated app called AppsFree which features all of the same deals, plus notifications so you never miss out on a bargain.

Find free apps in Google Play Charts

You don’t have to rely on apps to find free content, as the Google Play Store has a section in the chart that lists these too.

Launch the Play Store app then tap the Top charts section at the top of the page.  You’ll now be presented with a list of the apps that are not only popular, but also free to download.

how to find free android apps

There are further charts available, such as Top Apps or Top Games which break out the free titles into different genres.

Many will offer in-app purchases for upgrades, additional features, or the removal of ads, and the likes of Netflix require a subscription, but if you look around and read the reviews, you’ll be able to track down the ones that offer plenty of fun without the need to spend any money.

There’s also Google’s Games on Sale link that takes you directly to reduced items on the Play Store and is well worth bookmarking.

If you’re not aware of Hot UK Deals, then this is also one you’ll want to add immediately to your favourites. Essentially, it’s a site where people post deals they’ve spotted online, allowing others to benefit from crowdsourcing knowledge.

You’ll find a constant supply of discounts that are on offer from major high-street chains or web-based stores. And of course, these include discounted apps.

how to find free android apps

The site is sorted into various sections, depending on the kind of product, and there’s one specifically dedicated to the Google Play Store which should be a regular haunt for those looking to pick up apps cheap or for free.

Get the best free Android apps

If you’re still searching for more content then we recommend reading our best Android apps roundup, which features only the finest offerings for your smartphone, many of which are free. We’ve also put together a list of the best Android games, which includes free options. There are personal recommendations too, so your device will benefit from the greatest the Play Store has to offer.

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