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How to Download Facebook Data

Facebook is in the public’s bad books following the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting fiasco, which means many users are considering deleting their accounts, while others are concerned about what data the social network actually has on them.

It doesn’t help that the company has confirmed that it can track you even if you delete your account.

“When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you’re logged out or don’t have a Facebook account. This is because other apps and sites don’t know who is using Facebook,” said Facebook’s product management director, David Baser.

That data includes IP addresses, browser and operating system information, the address of the website or app, cookies and device identifiers, and is used to enhance the company’s service and security.

There’s a very simple way to get a copy of all the data Facebook holds on you, and armed with this you can then look into whether you’d rather it didn’t and take the appropriate action.

Remember that it’s not just Facebook that holds your information: third-party app developers also know more than you probably realise.

Find out what Facebook knows about you

  • Log into Facebook in your browser
  • Tap the down arrow at the top right of the window and choose Settings
  • At the bottom of the General Account Settings page is a link to ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’ – click this
  • Now click the green ‘Start my Archive’ button
  • Enter your Facebook password and click Submit
  • Again click ‘Start my Archive’
  • Facebook will gather your data and send an email to the address it holds for you once that file is ready to download. Watch your inbox, and note that this file will be available to download for only a few days

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