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How to add custom Gamerpics to Xbox Live profiles

They say good things come to those who wait, and that seems to be the case for Xbox Live gamers. Microsoft has added a much anticipated feature so here’s how to add custom Gamerpics to Xbox Live profiles.

It’s great when companies listen to what fans want and although it’s taken an age, Microsoft has finally made it possible for Xbox Live users to add a custom Gamerpic. It can also be used to or to customise your clubs profile pic or background. Read about the Xbox One X.

You can now do this via Xbox, Windows 10 PC and the Xbox app on iOS or Android. It’s available to everyone so the firm asks that you keep it clean. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox games.

To add a custom Gamerpic on Xbox, head to your user at the top of the side bar and select Profile. You’ll be on the Info tab by default so you only need to move over to the Customize Profile on the right-hand side that appears under Appear Offline.

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