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How to Add an Exception in Bitdefender

Antivirus software usually works great, protecting you from malware while you do what’s important to you. Sometimes, though, a file, app or website will be blocked because Bitdefender thinks it’s not safe.

You can override this if you know better and you’re certain that the app, file or website is safe to use.

Another option is to exclude certain file types from being scanned. If you have a large library of videos, say, or there’s another reason why you don’t want Bitdefender to include certain types of files in its regular scans, you can add exceptions.

And there can be multiple ways to achieve what you want. For example, a photo or video library can be excluded from the scan by telling Bitdefender which files or folders to ignore.

Here we’ll show you how to whitelist items in Bitdefender.

How to stop Bitdefender scanning files, folders and specific extensions

First, open Bitdefender and click on Protection from the menu on the left.

The protection modules are shown on the right. Exceptions are available for Antivirus, Online Threat Prevention and Advanced Threat Defense.

It doesn’t matter which ‘Manage Exceptions’ link you click on: they all open the same window. The only difference is that the window will open at the appropriate tab.

To stop it scanning specific files or folders, click Manage Exceptions under Antivirus.

Now, click the big blue ADD AN EXCEPTION button.

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

Click the folder icon at the top right and browse to the folder that contains the files you want to exclude from scans.

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

Select the folder and then click OK. 

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

Now you can choose which protection features should apply to this exception. If you choose Antivirus by clicking on the toggle to the right, you’ll see three tick boxes: on-access scan, on-demand scan and embedded scripts.

On-access means the files won’t be scanned when you open then. On-demand means they won’t be scanned as part of a wider antivirus scan that you initiate manually and the final option means the files won’t be checked for potentially harmful embedded scripts.

How to add a program as an exception in Bitdefender

It’s largely the same process as for files and folders. If you know where the program’s executable file is located you can simply browse straight to it when you click on the folder icon to the right of Exception options.

If you don’t know where it’s located, you can’t simply drag and drop a shortcut from your desktop. Instead right-click the shortcut and click on Open file location. A File Explorer window will appear and the program’s .exe file will be highlighted. 

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

Drag and drop this onto the Exception options window in the highlighted box at the top.

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

Now you can exclude the app from all three protection types, though if you do that you’ll see a warning that this can make your device vulnerable to potential threats, and isn’t a good idea.

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

How to whitelist a website in Bitdefender

If a website is being blocked by Bitdefender but you know it’s safe to use, or are willing to risk it, then click on Manage Exceptions under Online Threat Prevention.

Copy and paste the URL of the website, or type it in manually, and the Online Threat Prevention toggle should enable automatically. 

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

And that it’s. There’s a link to the left of the Exceptions window that lets you view all the exceptions in one list and you can click the edit icon to make changes, or the bin icon to remove the exception and allow the full range of protections to scan and block as normal.

How to add exceptions in Bitdefender

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