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Chromebook Shipment Grew 122% YoY in Q3 2020

According to the recent Canalys report, PC market has had a second successive quarter of remarkable growth with shipments growing by 23%. The biggest driver for this quarter’s growth was once again Chromebooks that registered 122% YoY growth with 9.4 million units shipped.

HP still leads in terms of market share and has doubled units shipped since last year. Lenovo is in second place and showing a 351% growth. Dell, Acer, and Asus made up to the top 5 registering substantial growth.

The upward trend is being attributed to more and more people staying at home. Distance learning during pandemic has helped Chromebook adoption in the education segment.

Pandemic and digital transformation are helping Tablets make a comeback

For the same reasons, the Tablet market has seen YoY growth in Q2 and Q3 2020. Apple still leads the market with 15.2 million units shipped and Samsung ranks a distant second with 9 million shipments.

The use of connected tablets in businesses undertaking digital transformation has also contributed to their growth

“Connected tablets allow businesses to deploy endpoints at crucial stages in their customer and salesforce journeys, thereby helping these businesses ride the storm. Tablets will find themselves at the heart of every digital transformation going forward,” said analyst Ishan Dutt in the Canalys report.

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