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Windows password won’t work

Forgotten your Windows password? Existing password won't work on your laptop or PC? Here's what to do when your Windows password won't work. QUESTION I own a Samsung laptop…

Share a laptop and keep data safe

Want to share a PC or laptop with a flatmate? Kids use your PC and you want to keep them away from important files and folders? Here's how to share a PC or laptop and keep your data…

Create image backup of USB drive

How to easily create exact image copies of any USB flash drives and store them on your PC or laptop. PLUS: how to quickly and easily create multiple copies of a USB flash drive.…

How to use a webcam as CCTV

Build your own surveillance system with your PC’s built-in or USB webcam. We explain how to use a webcam as a CCTV and motion detection recording system. If you want to monitor your…

Top 10 fixes for common PC problems

Here are 10 Answer Line articles from the last two years that every Windows user should read. 1. Attack of the Blue Screen of Death You're working on an important project, and suddenly…

How to dispose of a laptop or PC

What do you do with a laptop or PC that’s come to the end of its life? We explain everything you need to know about recycling, selling and ensuring your personal data is removed…
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