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How to wirelessly charge phone

Many of the latest smartphones and tablets come with support for Qi wireless charging, but what exactly is that, and how do you use it? Here we explain how to set up Qi wireless charging…

How to send money on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has added the option to send money to your friends through Messenger - for free. Here’s how to send money on Facebook Messenger. Also see: 15 best Facebook Messenger tips and…

How to transfer music from Mac to Android

We show you how to transfer music from Mac to Android whether you want to automate the process from iTunes to Google Music or drag and drop from a Finder window. Also see: How to move from…

How to get The Beast or Encore on Kodi

We've previously covered some of the best Kodi add-ons, and the best Kodi builds are those that take several of those add-ons and package them up. The Beast is a popular Kodi build, often…
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