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Acer intros ‘Acerpure Cool’ Air Purifier and Circulator in India

Acer, the brand that’s usually known for its laptops has today launched something totally unrelated, but relevant to some pockets in the country. The new product is an Air purifier cum circulator christened Acerpure Cool.

So, as pollution levels in certain parts of India *cough* Delhi *cough* are peaking at an alarming rate, an air purifier might be something you are considering. Check out what this one has to offer.

Acerpure Cool Highlights

First things first, this is a 2-in-1 machine capable of working as both an Air Circulator and an Air Purifier. It consists of a silver-coated HEPA filter which sifts 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles. Further, activated anion particles also help in cleansing the air. The purifier can work in Low/ Middle/ High/ Smart Modes. You can even set a timer for 1/2/4/8 hours.

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Acerpure is also an air circulator as mentioned above. So, it comes with an Airflow Booster that spreads air in Quiet/Breeze/ Low/ Middle/ High/Turbo Modes. You can also choose the direction of air swing between Up and Down / Left and Right.

It is adept at smartly analyzing the air quality with respect to PM 2.5 particle presence in the environment and auto start as well as set the speed of air purification. There is also an LED indicator on the machine that glows up in red, yellow, or green colors to signal the air quality situation indoors.

Acer claims the machine will generate noise within a max of 56 dB (min: 26dB).

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Acerpure Cool Price and Availability

Acerpure Cool is currently available at Rs. 16,999 as part of a launch offer. The actual price is ₹34,999. You can pick it in black and white colors.

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