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Pokémon Sun & Moon Battle Royal guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon are officially the two best-selling Pokemon games of the series, selling more than 3.7 million units within the first two weeks of release. The game brings with it a…

How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

There are a few different ways to add someone as a friend on the Nintendo Switch, ranging from the notoriously fiddly 12-digit Friend Codes to simply adding people sharing your Wi-Fi…

EE Power Bar recall

Following a recall of a batch of its Power Bars back in August, EE has now issued a recall for all of its EE Power Bars because there have been a number of further incidents of severe…

How to watch Far Cry 5 reveal trailer

The Far Cry series has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with Far Cry 4’s expansive and gorgeous open world being a hit with fans. Far Cry 5 looks to improve upon the…

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